Definition of Taking a calculated risk

Definition of Taking a calculated risk

It is taking a predetermined risk to earn a higher return, where a turn of events will not cause you to loose everything, you lose based on your assumed risk- a business risk, and it will not be a problem to start again, cause you win some, you lose some, and it doesn’t affect your basic needs.

Definition of Basic needs

It is related to a person’s lifestyle. For some, it is the best of everything in life, including place of stay and food, for others, it is not even a proper meal a day. If you can endure sufferings and hardship, your chance of succeeding one day is high if you can endure and persevere.

1) Set priorities in your Life
2) Plan ahead for all events
3) Have a personal savings plan to meet your goals
4) Enlarge your umbrella
5) Gamble with only what you can afford to lose
6) Dreams are just dreams, if you don’t act on it
7) Everybody’s financial goals are different, do not follow the herd instinct
8) Build a solid foundation on “real returns”, diversifying your risks
9) How much is enough? Take small steps before embarking on large ones
10)Lastly, it takes great discipline, to meet all your goals, do not be distracted however great is the temptation, to achieve personal financial success.

Example ; The most important priority, especially if you got a family, is to set aside cash of at least six months of your monthly salary as an umbrella, before you consider any other investments, credit accounts do not count. Do you plan for your “large” purchases? Is it prudent to spent, when you don’t even have the bare minimum, much less consider about investments. Borrowing to fund your investments, can you beat the interest you have to pay the bank? Remember you will only have access to more funds, when you meet all your financial obligations, that is the reason, to have a good credit history, a better credit rating for your prudent financial management. “It is not prudent to compare with your neighbours what they own, it will only bring you misery, who knows, they may also be drowning in debt, be wise and be debt-free.”

“The Greatest Sin of a human is the Sin of the Eyes, how can we ever learn, to see the real TRUTH. We compare, we judge people by their wealth and their worldly possessions, but can we really perform, or is everything a fallacy?” – Oogle.

Do we really know, the difference between a Balance of Life and “pure maniac hordeing”?
Tell me frankly, when you buy a luxury product, do you buy it just to show off, or because the product offers you the best in terms of price and quality, and it is best suited for your needs?

My advice for those who are in debt today, take control of your life, start planning and make sacrifices, start
negiotiation with your debtors rather than runaway, before they make you a bankrupt, it maybe painful for a lesson to be learned, but at least you have a second chance at life. It is better to face the music by your creditors, rather than forever not able to lift up your head high again.

Remember, your job opportunities is tied to how much education you have and your ability to be financially independent. Being at your creditor’s mercy will diminish this opportunity, not to mention your inability to navigate. Take charge of your life before someone else take charge of you.

(From previous posts)

If today you are in debt,
You can borrow from future earnings,
To repay the present,
But you must do the extraordinary,
By putting extra effort,
Make sacrifices and change your lifestyle,
To tremendously increase your income,
Or by having multiple income,
That is more than your debt.
Therefore it is posssible,
To generate a financial plan,
To renegiotiate with your creditors,
Reorganise your financials,
In order to solve your problem.

Japan needs to privatise it’s Postal Bank

There is a demand for,
A courier service,
Where the Post Office acts,
As an intermediary,
A Buyer and Seller agrees to transact,
The Seller will pay for courier charges,
With insurance and a small excess,
For the goods to be sent one way,
To the nearest Post Office of the Buyer,
Who will pay the full price of the goods,
Upon inspection at the Post Office,
Who will remit the amount to the Seller,
Upon a successful transaction,
If the Buyer doesn’t collect,
The cost of rejects has been filtered in,
To return the goods to the Seller,
This will facilitate trade,
In ever increasing amount,
Parcels can be sent overseas,
Logistics will demand,
An upgrade in service,
An expansion of Global Trade.

P/s Which country is privatising their Postal service?

Why other Economists Fail

“And management teachers should be able to discern what the real challenges are.”

You can’t be involved in economics, by just knowing everything about a certain sector, that is “financial management”. It has deeper routes than that. You must know “everything”. How human reacts to conditions and environment, history, social and cultural values, psychiatry, not to mention, “the basics of everything”, and you must be able to be on top of everything, doing research & R&D and sampling, to anticipate events and scenerios before it happen, and be totally in control, “No Economist in the world has achieved that”. It’s like “Alpha and Omega”, before you read a book you already know the “ending”.

To formulate a plan for the “New Economy”, you need to know “everything in the market”, even down to improving values for the family, solving the poor, wealth creation, job creation, “a basic view of everything”, “to boost and find solutions for everything”, with the expertise and knowledge of human behavior to drive everyone towards a common goal. It is a solution for “everything” and you need to be first be great and sacrifice everything for the benefit of everybody, before anybody will listen to you. Poverty cannot be solved by a single person or country, all must participate. Only then will everything become a reality. We have come thus far, do we need history to remind us the sufferings of conflicts and wars?
– Contributed by Oogle.

Project Travel Portal (From previous posts)

Using the Road Directory,
Similar to Google’s Local,
Would be great if Google’s Earth,
Combined with GPRS technology,
I have created,
The next Travel Portal,
Where you can find all information,
All the routes and costs,
By road, rail or air,
The cost of hotels too,
All kinds of buildings,
The services that contain,
So that you can schedule and plan,
Everything in advance,
A giant Tour guide,
With pictures, video and commentaries,
To facilitate travel and interests,
Even to the most remote regions,
A mega publicity tool,
For the Tourist promotion board.
– Contributed by Oogle.

Nobody can duplicate what I do

Give me a technology,
I will break it down,
Find out all the pluses and minues,
Find out all the combinations,
And if you give me a series of technolgies,
I can mix and match,
Linking all relationships,
(From A-Z, even faster than a computer)
(That is the reason, the computer is stupid)
(And can’t do what I can do)
Give you all the pluses,
Find out all the potential of all technologies,
Find out all the paths,
And give you an insight of the next level,
Of technologies that is out of this world,
Because I now have all the knowledge,
To produce each and every answer,
In each and every day,
Nobody can duplicate what I do,
A new technology everyday.
And if you ask me to create,
Something out of nothing,
I am sorry,
I am going to disappoint you,
Without any input,
I can never produce any output.
– Contributed by Oogle.

Unlocking shareholder’s value for REITs

Other than a basic rental,
With a profit sharing percentage,
I will control the cash registers,
And monitor with security cameras,
The sales and profits of every establishment,
The right mix and lifetstyle partners,
Every data will be mined and gathered,
To maximise ROI,
I will exploit returns to the fullest,
REITs will never be the same again,
When everything is under my control.
My Vision for Singapore (Previous Article)

The coming of age,
Is when Singapore achieves,
A developed country status,
Moving away from traditional industries,
Into high growth industries,
A whole new arena,
Where Lifestyle and branding will create,
Playgrounds for the rich and famous,
Creating jobs for everyone,
A world class cruise centre,
Marinas and developments,
Concept homes that will rival,
The best cities in the world,
Integrated resorts and caravan tours,
Into Malaysia, Thailand and beyond,
There hasn’t been a more exciting time,
To boost our Tourism industries,
The change in our infrastructure projects,
Seeking partners from the world,
Singaporeans will participate and collaborate,
A whole new entertainment concepts,
Where not only Singaporeans will play and learn,
But foreigners too,
Too many things have been left,
To the forces of nature,
The chase of copying others,
And others copying us.
It’s time to take control,
The creation of an entire concept,
To get the tourist to stay and spent,
And later to do business too,
Singapore will be a stepping stone to the region,
Where the duplication of goods and services will be avoided,
No need to worry about competition,
Because there will be none.
The trick is planning and staging,
For sustainable growth in every industry.
Real Estate – An entire New Branding Lifestyle (Previous Article)

I am going to set history,
Merging the best of location,
The best of all the factors,
New technologies, even security,
A brand new Lifestyle,
Designs of the future,
It is even more luxury than the most luxury,
More comprehensive than the services of a serviced apt,
At a click of a button,
All services is at hand,
Maintainance is automatically scheduled,
Even down to consumer goods,
Which you can never buy off the shelf.
The dreams of the rich and famous,
Ensuring profitability,
Beyond goodwill and intellectual property.
The icons of a developed country,
It is no longer only the product,
But an entire new branding lifestyle,
It will no longer because of costs,
But to get the best because of the best,
There will be a niche for such a market,
And only the developer who has the vision,
The technology and the knowledge,
Will dare to embark on this trial.

Building relationships (Guan Xi)

Humans have a tendency not to represent the truth in their expressions due to personal reasons and because of it, misguided notions will run the risks of a great loss in expectations, especially with decisions on a long term relationship or business partnership. You don’t want to know what I am capable of doing to get to the bottom of things, to make an informed decision. My advice is to be very careful, take one step at a time, do not dive headlong into things which later you have no control of.

To be successful, you mst not only be informed, you must also minimise your risks.

1) To plan properly, you need to build your network.
2) Identify all relationships and build on contacts, taking one step at a time.
3) If someone offers you a dream opportunity, identify the real reason behind it, most of the time, there are real costs involved, and if it is too good to be true, it probably is.
4) Building a good foundation in business relationships and contacts must be taken one step at a time, a level of trust and understanding about your business associates, key objectives can be met, if you have a reliable partner, it is better to plan for long term relationships, than short term profit gains, cause your partner could also be your competitor overnight, if there is no relationship.
5) Most senior management fail to recognise, the planning for long term growth, is better than short term gains, and having reliable business partners, will ensure you have an edge over competition, “no business is done overnight”.
6) The Japanese advocate lifelong employment, but that is almost impossible to bear, whereas the Americans implement cost cutting, when you are no longer productive, out you go. Does age really matters? In today’s economy, it will take you at least a decade long of learning to reach the head of your dept, and another decade of learning to reach senior management, but how long will it take, to reach industry wide knowledge, especially on a global scale? Actually how many have the experience, to reach across all economies? Therefore American fundamentals does not build, a solid rock foundation, in relationship building. The emphasis should be all round lifelong knowledge building, team building, and relationship building, for a global economy.